Traditional Christmas Wreath Workshops

We have been running our wreath workshops for a number of years now and they prove to be hugely popular, growing year on year. We welcome new attendees each year and are equally delighted when our regulars come back, often bringing new friends who also return. It’s quite a magical time and you will be made to feel very much at ease. All of our groups are just wonderful and are now being joined by our brides (past and future) so we may have a little wedding chat along the way, covering all the seasons is what we love best.

We provide all the materials and equipment you will need but we do ask you to bring an apron, your camera and a favourite pair of seceteurs but worry not as we always have plenty of spares to hand. After a cuppa and welcome introductions, we start you off with a demonstration and despite access to the same materials, we are always amazed at how different each completed wreath is. You will not be disappointed I promise you, well we won’t let you go home until you are totally satisfied with your creation! Once your wreath is based, you can simply do your own thing in terms of decorations. A wreath like the one below, will be yours to take home with pride. We do hope you will join us.

Joules x

Joules Christmas-31.jpg