"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

William Shakespeare

I would struggle to choose my all time favourite flower but I do just love roses with a passion.

They are a joy to work with, from the large open headed garden roses to the tiny, delicate spray roses. With so many varieties to choose from in such a wide ranging colour palette, it's hard not to fall in love with them.

It's astonishing to see how many roses are available as cut flowers and whilst I have a few firm favorites, I am still discovering new varieties that continue to blow me away. Not every wedding has to have roses but those that do will most certainly be transformed by these magical, romantic blooms.

So I can't think of anything better than taking you on a journey with me - I have tried to photograph not all, but many of the roses I have worked with over the last year and now I get to share these with you. It's all love on the roses front and if you're not sure about them, I hope to convert you or at least share the love ❤️

Joules x

Aaah "Secret Love" roses, David Austin "Juliet" garden roses and one of my favorite bridal bouquets with some of the very best roses "Juliet", "Bombastic", & Garden "Romantic Antique", all in a  soft, pastel peach/blush palette.

"Garden Voyage" is another Ecuadorian rose similar in shape, size to the "Romantic Antique" but a soft, dusky pink colour; this sits alongside the beautiful "Bridal Pink Piano" spray rose with it's big blousy heads and delicate buds.

The gorgeous spray roses are "Bombastic", "Irishka", "Creamy Twister" & "Pink Lace"

I love to work with colour, for me these 2 combinations (before we introduce all the other gorgeous blooms) really work by introducing softer, paler tones which bring the brighter colours to life. These gorgeous roses are "Garden Baronesse", "Matchpoint", "Quicksand""All 4 Love", "Blue Berry", David Austin "Kate" "Darcey"& "Juliet", "Silver Lace', "Cappuccino" and "Talea" to name but a few...

It's all in the name! We have David Austin roses in our garden named after 3 of our children, we're just waiting for "George" to complete the set, that is a must surely?

For a bright coral rose with lovely pink outer petals, you can't beat "Miss Piggy", I adore her!

If you are looking for a soft, classic bridal palette, these are just perfect, "Avantique", "Sweet Peach" spray rose, "Maddison Park" spray rose, and one of my absolute favourites, "White O' Hara" which has the most divine fragrance ever.

Whilst I have used some of my favorites here, there are also a few gorgeous antique roses, amongst them "Quicksand", "Amnesia", "Mentha" and "Upper Secret".

Pride of place in this floral door wreath is the beautiful "Princess Charlene" garden rose which has a lovely subtle, fragrance.

...and in their perfect miniature form they make gorgeous buttonholes, corsages and hair combs, all the little details that could be so easily overlooked but not by us!

Roses were a big part of this glorious June wedding, thank you so much to Natasha Thompson for sharing her gorgeous images

and again here but with some bolder colours, the roses working their magic.

Huge thanks to Sarah Vivienne for sharing these gorgeous images

According to my biggest fan, my youngest daughter Grace, I have to pin my sails to the mast and name my favorite rose but how can I possibly do that??

For a classic bridal rose I would say "Vendela" as it is not cream, not ivory but a soft champagne colour and works well with so many other varieties. But then if we are talking colour, I could name so many for the top spot ......

I have so enjoyed posting this blog and with many more weddings to come this year, I'm sure I will not be able to resist sharing my ongoing passion for roses but for now I hope you enjoy.

Joules x